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Ougenweide (Germany) 

Ougenweide - german folkrockOugenweide was formed in Hamburg, Germany in 1970. Inspired by british bands like Fairport Convention and Steeleye Span, they wanted to create german folkrock.
Instead of using songs from the 1700-1800 period they turned to medieval music. The name Ougenweide is taken from the title of a poem by the Minnesänger (the german equivalent to the french troubadours) Neidhart von Reuental (1190-1237). 

Ougenweide's first album was released in 1973, after which singers Renée Kollmorgen and Brigitte Blunck left the band and were replaced by Minne Graw. Until 1985 Ougenweide consisted of Frank Wulff, Stefan Wullf, Minne Graw, Olaf Casalich, Wolfgang von Henko and Jürgen Isenbart. During this period they released eight additional albums.

Ougenweide was very successful with appearences in television and was considered one of the best live bands in Germany. What made the band's sound unique was the large range of unusual instruments used, like hurdy gurdy, crumhorn, bombarde, bouzouki, saz, harmonium etc.

In 1975 they made performances with Steeleye Span and Fairport Convention and recorded the soundtrack for a TV documentary about Minnesänger Walter von der Vogelweide. The TV work led to recording music for a 13 part TV series about german history in 1978.

The music of Ougenweide continued to evolve, becoming more electric and with more selfwritten songs. The last two albums, Ja-Markt and Noch aber ist April, largely focused on new songs with political engagement. In the early 80'ies the style of Ougenweide lost it's appeal to broad audiences. Due to this, and increasing musical differences in the band, Ougenweide disbanded in 1985 after a successful farewell tour.

The members all continued to work with music as producers, session musicians and composers for TV, theatre and movies. The Wullf brothers opened a recording studio, Oton Studio, where they worked with Bert Jansch, Pentangle and Sally Barker. They were also involved in theatre productions with Tom Waits and Lou Reed. Frank Wullf appears as guest on Lou Reeds album The Raven.

Minne Graw recorded an album in 1986 with help from the Wullf's but did not find a record label until 2010, when is was released as Ausgeträumt. After recording the album, Minne Graw retired from music.

In 1996 Ougenweide reemerged, this time without Minne Graw and Jürgen Isenbart, and recorded the album Sol with a string quartet and a vocal trio. The music was mainly medieval songs set into slightly New Age like arrangements. A few concerts followed, but the project did not exist for long.

In 2004 Ougenweide released an album with unreleased, live or alternative versions of songs, Wol Mich der Stunde. A release party was held in Knust, Hamburg, with all the members of the main outfit on stage. The following year another collection of unreleased material, Ouwe, was released.  During 2006 and 2007 all the original albums were released on five cd's.

In 2000 Frank Wullf met actor and singer Sabina Maria Reiß, and they started to collaborate. Reiß became the new singer (and singing saw player) of Ougenweide. The band gave a few concerts, and a new album was recorded for release in 2010. At the same time several younger bands planned a tribute cd to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Ougenweide.

Just prior to the anniversary and release of the new album, Frank Wullf unexpectedly died on March 19. 2010. A concert in his remembrance took place in Knust, Hamburg in June 2010 with a line up of Stefan Wullf, Olaf Casalich, Sabine Maria Reiß, Hinrich Dageför, Martin Engelbach and Krzysztof Gediga plus guests. The album Herzsprung was released in april 2010.

Ougenweide - Herzsprung
  • Ougenweide (1973)
  • All die weil ich mag (1974)
  • Ohrenschmaus (1976)
  • Eulenspiegel (1976)
  • Ungezwungen, Doppel-LP (1977)
  • Frÿheit (1978)
  • Ousflug (1979)
  • Ja-Markt (1980)
  • Noch aber ist April (1981)
  • Sol (1986)
  • Wol mich der Stunde (2004)
  • Ouwe war (2005)
  • Herzsprung (2010)

Original albums rereleased on cd

  • Ougenweide / All die weil ich mag (2006)
  • Ohrenschmaus / Eulenspiegel (2006)
  • Frÿheit / Ousflug (2007)
  • Ja-Markt / Noch aber ist April (2007)
  • Ungezwungen (2007)
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