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STONECRAFT (Wales/Norway)

Stonecraft is Andy Morgan and Viil FjoseStonecraft are a musical collaboration between multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter Andy Morgan and guitarist and singer/ songwriter Viil Fjose. The sound is acoustic based, blending guitar with traditional Celtic instruments and strong vocal harmonies which showcase their song-writing abilities.

The two singer-songwriters have developed their own unique style and write and perform their own songs and instrumentals. The sound has been developed from a wide variety of influences, Andy starting up as an electric guitarist who developed a love for Welsh and Celtic traditional music and Viil coming from a classical background with roots in the traditional music of Norway.

Stonecraft was formed after Andy and Viil left the alt country cover band Ridgebacks – looking to take their music in a more acoustic and traditional direction without  drums and bass.  The band also wanted to play their own original material. 

This new direction was enhanced when the violin player Charles Oakley joined the duo briefly.  His involvement was the start of the line up with Viil on guitar and Andy using either the cittern or bouzouki to create the sound they have today. 

After developing the sound on the local circuit in Swansea they went on to record their first album in 2008 which was recorded and produced with the assistance of engineer Lawson Dando  at Albany Studios in Cardiff.  The album consisted of nine songs and two instrumentals.  Acoustic Magazine wrote at the time: A fine debut which shows much promise.

They followed up the Call with 2010's Moving Tides recording ten new songs. They were joined on  by three other musicians on Chris Pitson on bouzouki, Huw Rees on gacon and percussion and Kenny MacDonald on flute and whistle.  

The release of Moving Tides coincided with a period of personal development and travel when they travelled extensively throughout France and Spain.  After they finished travelling they settled in Saint Malo where Andy had played extensively in 1997.

Throughout 2011 the duo played many gigs in North Brittany including the Mardi Zicos festival in Saint Malo and the Route D'Cidre in Dinan.   The duo then put their energies into a new album and started the work on this in early 2012 whilst also playing in and around Saint Malo.

Having been booked for a festival in Norway where Viil's family comes from, they decided to change the backdrop for the recording of the album and spent two months recording at Viil's uncles farm in Rollag, Norway. 

Their new album Behind the door is scheduled to be released early 2013 when Viil and Andy will be returning to Saint Malo to continue their French adventure.

Moving Tides 2010

Stonecraft: Moving TidesMoving Tides consists of 10 tracks, eight songs and two instrumentals.
The sound is acoustic based, blending guitar with traditional Celtic instruments and strong vocal harmonies which showcases their song-writing. Andy Morgan and Viil Fjøse have continued to develop their unique style from their first album The Call released in 2008.  

Three other musicians join the duo on the new album. Notably Chris Pitson on bouzouki and accordion who also contributed to the writing and development of some of the songs. The other two musicians being Huw Reese on gajon and percussion and Kenny McDonald on flute and whistle. 

The album is self penned and self-recorded and it was mixed and mastered by Tim Hammel in SonicOne studios Llangennich, South Wales.

The Call 2008

Stonecraft: The CallThe Call consists of 11 songs and 2 instrumentals. 

In this their debut album Stonecraft uses for the first time the combination of guitar, cittern and bouzouki to create their unique sound. Acoustic Magaziine wrote at the time: A fine debut which shows much promise.

The album was recorded by Stonecraft and mixed and produced at Albany Studios in Cardiff with the assistance of engineer Lawson Dando who also contributes with israj, harmonium and percussion on a few of the tracks.

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