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Tony Morris (England)

Tony Morris - singer from YorkshireTony Morris is an english musician and singer, or folk performer as he prefers to call himself. He performs his own songs, often a capella, with a strong element of Cultural Realism.

Tony Morris is a regular performer in folk clubs in the North East Yorkshire area.

In the late '50s and early '60s he did some singing in pubs but he claims to have missed the Folk Revival due to marriages and family. It wasn't until the mid '90s that he reemerged as a poet and musician in the Black Swan Folk Club in York.

In 2002 Morris made a career change in order to to pursue a career as a full time musician. In 2003 his first album, Changing Tracks was released.
In late 2011 he recorded a series of 4 CD's (EP) with 20 unaccompanied songs.
In 2012 Morris appeared at the Saltburn Folk Festival.

Morris also perform on native American flutes (under the self-invented cover-all name Amerynd) and Slovakian flutes, resulting in several albums, most recently the 2012 album, Flute Salad.

Tony Morris also conduct flute workshops and guided meditations to the sound of the flute.

On April 1, 2013 Tony Morris realease a collection of "surrealistic folk lyre songs", called Box of Frogs.

Tony Morris : The songs of ...Song albums

  • Changing Tracks (2003)
  • Trappy Lad (2005)
  • The Songs of Tony Morris (1-4) (2012)
  • Box of Frogs (2013)


Flute albums

Tony Morris : Native American and Slovakian flutes

  • Bridges (2010)
  • Sprites - Water and Land (2010)Guerilla Pilgrims (2010)
  • Rail Bridge MWB2/81 (2010)
  • Eskside (download only) (2010)
  • Flute Salad (2012)
Listen to songs by Tony Morris.

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