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Joan Baez (USA)

Despite her Mexican roots, Joan Baez was born in New York on January 9, 1941, but the family soon moved to California. Her father was mexican amd her mother Scottish. The family was religious and Baez has identified herself with the pacifism of the Quakers.
She started playing the ukulele, inspired by rythm'n blues. As a child, she was taken to a concert with Pete Seeger, which inspired her to buy a guitar in 1957. By 1958 the family had moved to Boston, where Baez became a part of the growing folk scene.
With two friends she recorded an album named Folksingers 'Round Harvard Square. In 1959 she was invited to the Newport Folk Festival by Bob Gibson, a singer of the time. The appearance resulted in a contract with Vanguard Records. In 1960 her first "real" album was released. The following two albums were very successful, both selling "gold".
Her material consisted of both traditional songs and new songs. She took up songs by the unkown Bob Dylan, and the two were romatically involved for a couple of years.
Baez landed several hits, like There but for Fortune and  in 1971 the top 10 hit The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down.
During all of her career, Baez have been strongly involved in human rights and peace work. In 1972 she spent her Christmas in Vietnam as a protest against the war.
In 1975 Baez released Diamonds and Rust, the best selling album of her entire career.
During the 1980'ies Baez played a role in Live Aid concerts as well as touring in support of Amnesty International. She has continued releasing records and has supported hman rights around the world.
The life of Joan Baez has been well documented, for instance in her two autobiographies.

Baez little sister, Mimi Farinã, also was a singer, activist and founder of the organisation Bread and Roses. She died in 2001.
  • Joan Baez, Vanguard (1960)
  • Joan Baez, Vol. 2, Vanguard (1961)
  • Joan Baez in Concert, Vanguard (1962)
  • Joan Baez in Concert, Part 2, Vanguard (1963)
  • Joan Baez/5, Vanguard (1964)
  • Joan Baez In San Francisco (recorded 1958), Fantasy F5015 (1964,  released by Bear Family Records as A Package of Joan Baez)
  • Farewell, Angelina, Vanguard (1965)
  • Noël, Vanguard (1966)
  • Joan, Vanguard (1967)
  • Baptism: A Journey Through Our Time, Vanguard (1968)
  • Any Day Now , Vanguard (1968)
  • David's Album, Vanguard (1969)
  • One Day at a Time, Vanguard (1970)
  • Blessed Are..., Vanguard (1971)
  • Carry It On, Vanguard (1971)
  • Come from the Shadows, A&M (1972)
  • Where Are You Now, My Son?, A&M (1973)
  • Gracias A la Vida, A&M (1974)
  • Diamonds & Rust, A&M (1975)
  • From Every Stage A&M (1976)
  • Gulf Winds, A&M (1976)
  • Blowin' Away, CBS (1977)
  • Honest Lullaby, CBS (1979)
  • Live -Europe '83, Gamma (1984)
  • Recently, Gold Castle (1987)
  • Diamonds & Rust in the Bullring, Gold Castle (1988)
  • Speaking of Dreams, Gold Castle (1989)
  • Play Me Backwards, Virgin (1992)
  • Ring Them Bells, Guardian (1995)
  • Gone from Danger, Guardian (1997)
  • Dark Chords on a Big Guitar, Koch (2003)
  • Bowery Songs, Proper Records (2005)
  • Ring Them Bells (reissue double-disc with bonus tracks), Proper Records (2007)
  • Day After Tomorrow, Proper Records (2008)
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