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Brass Monkey (England)

Brass Monkey is an unconventional folk band in their use of brass instruments. The band formed in 1982 around Martin Carthy and John Kirkpatrick, both former members of Steeleye Span. They were joined by a brass section consisting of Howard Evans (trumpet), Roger Williams (trombone) and  Martin Brinsford (harmonica, percussion and saxophone), initially as the Martin Carthy Band.
After the first album, Brass Monkey, Williams was replaced by Richard Cheetham in 1984. The band released a second album, See How It Runs, in 1986, but due to the many other projects of the members they split up in 1987.
Brass Monkey reunited in 1997 for a tour and subseqently released the albums Sound and Rumour in 1999 and Going and Staying in 2001. In 2004 the band recorded Flame of Fire in the original line up.
Howard Evans died in 2006, but Brass monkey decided to continue their work as a quartet until they were joined by Paul Archibald in 2008. The following year they released the latest album, Head of Stream.
  • Brass Monkey (1983)
  • See How It Runs (1986)
  • The Complete Brass Monkey (1993) (compilation of the first two albums)
  • Sound and Rumour (1999)
  • Going and Staying (2001)
  • Flame of Fire (2004)
  • The Definitive Collection (2005, Highpoint) (compilation)
  • Head of Steam (2009)
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